Why Was Tulii Started?

Tulii was created by three insightful people who all have a certain perspective and unique understanding of the pressures that parents face trying to get their kids to and from their various activities, events, appointments, etc. This is coupled with the sense of fear that naturally comes when a parent puts their kid in someone else's car and entrusts them to a stranger. The solution is Tulii’s safe, secure, convenient, reliable, and well-thought out uses, borne out of today’s modern family’s necessity to plan ahead, and fueled by the need for transportation and childcare services for kids in our community.

Why are we different?

We are the only safe ride-sharing and afterschool care network that sends consistent CareDrivers, ChildCare Providers and Tutors for your children and youth when and wherever you need them. In summary Tulii is here for you when your family needs that extra hand and we promise you the following services:


We understand familiarity and continuity is important for your children and family. Using our super cutting-edge Tulii App, we match you to one of 5 personalized trusted CareDrivers assigned to your family anytime you schedule a ride, care or tutoring service with us.


On those days when you need more than just a ride for your kid, Tulii can provide childcare or can stay back with your kid at home or any out-door activities.


To ensure your peace of mind, you will have a single point of contact (dedicated family liaison) that understands your family needs and can be reached at the touch of a button.

How it works

As busy working parents ourselves, we have crafted a worry-free process that will give you back your time and your peace of mind.

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